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I’ve been producing images (mostly website graphics) of all sorts for many years as needed in my career of Music Ministry. Most of those designs have been created for our church’s website to make announcements, offer sign-up for events, or just to give some artistry to a specific ministry’s web presence. Other projects have included newsletters, posters, backgrounds for worship (even a few motion backgrounds), and a handful of logos.

My normal blog is Worshipguy …thus the name, “Worshipguy Designs.”

On the tabs above this post, you’ll see tabs for every genre I could think of for what I’ve created over the years. Click on those tabs to see samples of my work. If you’re looking for something in particular, let me know and I can post a mock-up of something related to that. I’ve also begun creating webpages via Easy Address (www.easyaddress.net). It is a template based program for which I have created many websites. Once the basic design is implemented, I turn it over to you for your regular updates and remain a consultant and source of help as long as you own the site.

The tab for prices is very important. I do what I do for my church for free (sort of…since I am on staff as minister of music). I started realizing that other churches, ministries, individuals, and businesses may need similar projects but not have anyone on staff to produce them. So I saw a business opportunity and hope to make it work well for my growing family’s pocket book (our first baby was born in Dec. 2008) and the customer’s needs (without unfair cost). The tab called “Learning” includes creations of several small items to learn how to do certain things within my computer program (Corel DRAW X3). You can see that the popular 3D look is possible, though it may take some playing around for your project.

A secondary interest of mine is in helping churches have an online presence. If you’re a church and would like someone to take care of your website with updates, upgrades, and graphics, I’d like to help. I don’t know a lot, but you can see an example of my work at www.eastpickens.org (my church). Read other testimonials here.

Thanks for visiting. I hope we can do business together. Please share this site with your friends, co-workers, and relatives. God bless you as you seek to serve Him!

Contact me at 1worshipguy@gmail.com.



He (Bobby) was responsible for overseeing all video and sound technology for our church.  He has a tremendous grasp of computer technology and stays current on new technology.”
Pastor Ellis Hayden, FBC Gladewater, TX


“Bobby has a keen eye for graphic design and a commitment to excellence that comes through in the finished product. Make your life easier and your message clearer – let Bobby help you with your web presence.”
Michael Stovall, FBC Elberton, GA


“Just to give my comment a little bit of credibility, I am a high school art teacher (34 years), and have a doctoral degree in art. I also happen to be Bobby’s organist at FBC Elberton. I have seen pretty much all of Bobby’s artwork (and even been involved with a few pieces). He has a very good eye for composition, putting design elements together in an aesthetically pleasing way to achieve maximum visual impact. He also has a thorough up-to-date knowledge of necessary technology for print and web site designs.”
Dr. Joe Jossey, Elbert County Comprehensive High School, GA